The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Vendor Tipping

One of the biggest questions my clients ask during wedding planning is "which of my vendors are expecting a tip, and how much am I supposed to give them?". A good general rule of thumb is that if someone owns the business, you are not expected to tip them. Tips are generally expected when it's a vendor who does not work for themselves and is being paid a wage by their boss. Having said that, a good wedding vendor typically puts a lot of behind the scenes work into your big day that you may or may not be aware of, and showing gratitude is something that is ALWAYS appreciated. As a planner who owns my own business, I never expect a tip at the end of the night. While it does happen from time to time, and of course a gratuity is always a very generous surprise, I've also been thrilled to receive a beautiful thank you card, a small gift, a glowing review or referral, of even just a very heartfelt thank you that shows how appreciative my clients are of the work I've done for them. Here's a list of the main wedding vendors and what is considered 'standard', but numbers are approximate, and can of course be tailored based on what's approporiate for your specific situation, budget and the service that was provided.

Ultimate guide to wedding planning.png