Kimber & Kaylee Lynn's Colourful Outdoor Wedding | Melrose, Florida

Prepare to have your socks knocked off. Kimber & Kaylee's wedding honestly looks like something out of a movie! I had actually planned to post this wedding some time ago, but it has taken me SO long just to narrow down a selection of photos because they are ALL so incredible. The venue is absolutely breathtaking, and all the little details and pops of colour make this wedding super unique. If you're looking for inspiration for a colourful, DIY wedding (yes, it's mostly DIY - can you believe it?!), this is it!


Photography: Alex & Cammy Photography  |  Venue: Private residence  |  Stationary: Short & Sweetheart (the bride!)  |  Ceremony Dress: JL Vintage  |  Reception Dress: Soulrust  |  Flowers: The Blaithin Blair Shop & The Everlasting Posy  |  Cakes: Delicious Bakery  |  Macarons: Aster's French Macarons  |  Officiant: Karen Roumillat


Why do we need a separate same-sex wedding blog?

Why do we need a same-sex wedding blog?  |

While most of the feedback I’ve received since starting has been incredibly positive, there is one recurring question that’s come up: Why do we need a separate blog for same-sex couples? People have said: “There’s lots of wedding blogs out there; shouldn’t there be no difference between same-sex weddings and straight weddings?” While there are many similarities between the two, I think a blog dedicated solely to same-sex weddings is important for a number of reasons.

Consider this analogy: Let’s say you are interested in buying a new car. You go online and find lots of options, but the only photos you can find are ones of trucks. The colours are identical, most of the features are similar, and even the dealerships are the same… you can relate to these photos, and can generally get an idea of the car you’re looking for, but it’s just not quite… you. In fact, if you were to only ever see photos of trucks, and never any of cars, you might start to think that buying a car is somehow strange or wrong, because all the cool websites out there are, for the most part, featuring only trucks. The same can be said for same-sex weddings. Sure - seeing the gorgeous photos of straight weddings online can help to inspire to a certain degree, but it’s still not quite the same. It can be easy to feel as though your same-sex wedding is inferior or not as important, simply because you rarely see another one showcased anywhere. Besides - there are some unique aspects to same-sex weddings that need to be acknowledged as well. What if a bride doesn’t want to wear a dress? What if you want to have 2 aisles because you both want to walk down one? What if you’re not sure that the vendors you select will be supportive of your wedding? These are just a few of the considerations that may go into planning a same-sex wedding that aren’t necessarily an issue in straight wedding planning.

A friend of mine from the LGBT community once told me - “I still find it a bit weird to see two women in dresses, getting married… I guess I just haven’t seen it much - it’s different from what I’m used to.” This was the last push I needed to start this blog. If a person who is actually in a same-sex relationship still finds it strange to see two women getting married, something needs to change. We need more sites that showcase these weddings so people can stop thinking of this as something that’s strange or unusual - more exposure will help ensure that those interested in getting married to someone of the same sex don’t feel that they are doing something bizarre or that they are somehow abnormal or not allowed to have whatever type of wedding they want.

Weddings are a celebration of two people in love. No matter who you’re marrying, you should be able to research and be inspired by beautiful weddings that you can personally relate to - that’s why we need a same-sex wedding blog: to inspire and to act as a resource, and to ensure that everyone knows that same-sex weddings are every bit as deserving of beautiful, romantic, traditional, crazy, elaborate, simple, amazing {insert desired adjective here} celebrations as anyone else.