Quinn + Lydia's Sunrise Engagement Shoot | Langley, BC

gold·en hour
1. In photography, a period shortly after sunrise or before sunset during which daylight is redder and softer than when the Sun is higher in the sky:
2. The setting for Quinn and Lydia's incredible engagement shoot

Honestly - we can just go ahead and take the definition of 'golden hour' out of Wikipedia and replace it with these photos. They are the PERFECT example of why photographers are always so excited about shooting at this time of day! Now, these photos happen to have been taken just after sunrise, and I don't know too many photographers who would be able to do such a amazing work at the crack of dawn without some serious caffeine first.. but Kelsey of The MacLeans nailed it. These two seem to be having a ton of fun, despite the early morning - if you can do that before the sun is even up, you just know it's gotta be real love!

Congratulations to these two beauties on their engagement!

Photographer: Kelsey of The MacLeans

Jesse + Andrew's Surprise Forest Proposal | Waterloo, Ontario

Imagine that your partner planned a full day of amazing activities, proposed to you in the middle of a gorgeous forest, and then followed it up with a surprise bbq with all your family and friends. Best day ever? That's exactly what happened with Jesse and Andrew in this amazing surprise proposal, captured by the (very sneaky!) Steve Stremmler from Tara Lilly Photography!